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The Gulf sustainably produces more than 500 million pounds of in-shell oysters each year. Though oysters vary in size depending on where they’re harvested, the Eastern oyster found in the Gulf is typically larger in size (up to 8 inches across) than oysters found elsewhere in the US. The Gulf’s warm waters are the perfect place for oysters to thrive and grow quickly.

You’ll find oysters living together in different oyster reefs across the Gulf – from the Apalachicola Bay in Florida to the Galveston Bay in Texas. Oysters are often served raw or deep-fried – though they’re also delicious in soups, stews, and pasta. Common adjectives used to describe the taste of oysters include briney, meaty, and salty.

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Chargrilled Oysters Recipe

Make restaurant-worthy chargrilled oysters — right at home! Using an oven broiler, chef Nealy Frentz shows us how to make this surprisingly easy recipe in minutes.

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Oysters are considered a low-calorie source of protein and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Oysters are often eaten raw, meaning that excess calories from cooking oils or heavy sauces can easily be avoided.

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