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Our Commitment to Buyers

Dedicated to the practice of sustainable harvesting techniques in the Gulf of Mexico, our objective is to ensure marine life species thrive and overfishing is prevented. To learn more about sustainability, click here.


Guide & Assist

Counter Card

Catch your customer’s eye with our delicious Gulf Coast Seafood Counter Card. Just place it at your seafood counter and watch your sales grow.




Logo Cling

Our Logo Cling makes it easy to show your pride in Gulf Coast Seafood! Simply place it in a window or on a freezer door to encourage your customers to purchase Gulf Coast Seafood.




Boost your Gulf Coast Seafood sales with our mouthwatering recipes that are simple to use and deliver undeniably delicious results. For even more Gulf Coast Seafood recipes, click here.



Species Chart

Ever wonder what Gulf Coast Seafood is available during which season? How about its flavor, texture, or the best way to cook it? Look no further than our comprehensive Species Seasonality Poster – the perfect tool to educate your staff and your customers on our superior quality seafood.



Nutritional Guide

Brush up on your nutritional knowledge with our convenient Gulf Coast Seafood Nutritional Guide. Share with your staff and your customers to keep everyone in the know.




Resource Training Guide

For easy-access information to help you select, store and sell delicious Gulf Coast Seafood, use our Resource Training Guide. Your customers expect top-quality seafood, and that’s exactly what we strive to help you deliver.




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Get Results

Hy-Vee Retail Program
In August of 2012, Midwestern U.S. retailer Hy-Vee partnered with the Gulf Coast Seafood to offer their customers delicious Gulf Coast Seafood samples and educational events at 15 of their Iowa stores. A top 20 supermarket chain, Hy-Vee offered up fresh seafood straight from the Gulf of Mexico and provided customers with take-home information such as unique recipe ideas.

Hy-Vee’ customized promotion provided an increase in Gulf shrimp sales of 63%, with a post promotion at 44%. “The main reason we are pushing that target is because people are more interested in sustainability, and I don’ think there’s anyone better than the United States in keeping that sustainability up. We are talking about, in my opinion, the superior quality of the Gulf shrimp as any product that we get from anywhere else,” Kurt Johnson, Hy-Vee Supermarket’ meat supervisor for the southeast region, told IntraFish.  

HEB Retail Program
The HEB retail program was planned around lent and ran from February 27 - March 12, 2013. The program featured in-store sampling demos at 53 HEB stores across Houston, Austin and San Antonio. There was a 54.48% increase in sales of shrimp at the stores during the sampling and custom POS promotion.