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Coalition Members

Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition Members

Executive Committee

  • Chris Nelson, Vice President, Bon Secour Fisheries - Chairman
  • Patrick Riley, General Manager, Western Seafood Company - Vice Chairman
  • William “Corky” Perret, Retired - Executive Committee Member
  • Bob Jones, Executive Director, Southeastern Fisheries Association - Executive Committee Member
  • Harlon Pearce, Owner, Harlon’s LA Fish - Executive Committee Member
  • Robert Novotny, Inland Seafood - Executive Committee Member
  • Joan Williams, Alternate, Executie Director, Southern Shrimp Alliance
  • Eugene Raffield Jr., Alternate, Vice President, Raffield Fisheries
  • David Veal, Alternate, Executive Director, American Shrimp Processors Association


  • Chef Brian Landry, Executive Chef/Partner - Borgne Restaurant
  • Chef Randy Evans, Alternate, Chef/Co-owner - Haven Restaurant

Retail Grocery

  • Kyle Stevens, Seafood Procurement Manager - H-E-B Seafood Procurement
  • James Breuhl, Alternate, Seafood Director - Rouses Supermarket

Restaurant Chain

  • Stan Harris, CEO - Louisiana Restaurant Association

Sea Grant

  • Dr. Charles “Chuck” Adams, Marine Economist - University of Florida
  • Julie Anderson Lively, Alternate, Fisheries Specialist

For Hire/Charter Boat

  • Pamella Dana, Owner - Sure Lure Charter Company
  • John Greene, Alternate, Owner - Intimidator Sportfishing, Inc


  • Jay Dardenne, Lieutenant Governor - State of Louisiana
  • Susannah Costello, Alternate, Vice President - VISIT FLORIDA

Seafood Market

  • Harlon Pearce, Owner - Harlon’s LA Fish
  • Carol Hunstbeger, Alternate, Owner - Quality Seafood Market

State Association/Processors/Wholesalers/Fishermen

  • Chris Nelson, Vice President - Bon Secour Fisheries
  • Bob Jones, Executive Director - Southeastern Fisheries Association
  • Robert Novotny, Executive Vice President - Inland Seafood
  • Eugene Raffield, Jr., Alternate, Vice President - Raffield Fisheries, Inc.
  • William “Corky” Perret - Retired
  • Dr. David Veal, Alternate, Executive Director - American Shrimp Processors Association
  • Patrick Riley, General Manager - Western Seafood Company
  • John Williams, Alternate, Executive Director - Southern Shrimp Alliance

State Seafood Marketing Executives

  • Jason Rider Mississippi, Director of Seafood Marketing Program - Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
  • Karen Profita, Executive Director - Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board
  • Lisa Manda, Louisiana Alternate, Assistant Executive Director - Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board
  • Martin May, Florida, Bureau Chief - Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture and Marketing, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Paul Davis, Florida Alternate, Management Review Specialist, Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture and Marketing
  • Lee Sentell, Alabama, Director - Alabama Tourism Department
  • Brian S. Jones, Alabama Alternate, Regional Director - Alabama Tourism Department
  • Robert Champion, Texas, State Coordinator for Seafood Marketing - Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Mary York, Texas Alternate, Administrator of Marketing and International Trade - Texas Department of Agriculture

Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, Oil Disaster Recovery Program, Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

  • Chris Blankenship, Director of Marine Resources Division - Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Dan Ellinor, Alternate, Division of Marine Fisheries Management - Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Ex Officio Member

  • Ralph Hode, Fisheries Disaster Recovery Coordinator - Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
  • Alex Miller, Alternate, Economic Program Coordinator - Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission

Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation

  • Judy Jamison - Executive Director

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