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Easy, Healthy Shrimp Recipe

Watch as award-winning chef Nealy Frentz and musician Duke Bardwell cook fresh Gulf Coast shrimp on the stovetop — in less than five minutes. Add this easy recipe to your weeknight meal plan!

Crabmeat-Stuffed Avocado Recipe

Learn how to make a quick and easy crabmeat dish with the help of chef Nealy Frentz and musician Duke Bardwell. This easy-to-follow recipe makes a fresh, healthy dinner in no time!

Chargrilled Oysters Recipe

Make restaurant-worthy chargrilled oysters — right at home! Using an oven broiler, chef Nealy Frentz shows us how to make this surprisingly easy recipe in minutes.

Fish Taco Recipe with Red Snapper

Learn how to cook up delicious fish tacos with fresh Gulf Coast red snapper. Watch as chef Nealy Frentz and musician Duke Bardwell show you how to make this simple and healthy recipe.

Pairing Guide.

Pairing Guide.

Wine, Beer, & Fish

We’ve made it easy to pair the fresh flavors of seafood with the right wines and beers. Learn More »

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Born Fresh.

Looking for Gulf Seafood?

Whether you’re looking for a restaurant that serves it, a retailer that sells it, or a wholesaler to supply you delicious Gulf Seafood – Look no further »

Recipe of the Week.

Gulf Crab Burgers

Gulf Crab Burgers

Chef Justin Timineri puts a twist on traditional beef burgers with this Gulf crab burger recipe. Watch and learn how to make crab burgers in this quick, easy recipe video. Fresh Gulf crab meat makes the burger base, and plenty of fresh vegetables make this a healthy dinner dish. Enjoy Gulf seafood in a whole new way! Learn More »


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